Melbourne couple Alanna Barca-Gay and Jonathan Gay are the team behind Alca Jay, an artisanal lifestyle brand for babies and the home. Their precious objects are made from organic, naturally dyed and previously loved materials.

Alanna discovered her passion for the environment and sustainability when studying fashion design. Whilst working in the industry and on the retail shop floor, she noticed an ever-growing trend of mindless consumer purchasing and a warped understanding of value. From here Alca Jay was born with the core value of ‘Make it worth keeping’.

Alca Jay endeavours to educate and promote mindful purchasing through crafted objects, illustrations and storytelling. We believe that buying habits can start from the early years of ones life, so encouraging the importance of handmade during babies play time can make an impact on how they view the world. The range currently consists of precious objects such as children heirloom toys and fine art prints. All products are made from recycled or organic and ethically-sourced materials. 

As parents to a new born baby they know what it’s like to be generously gifted presents, stuff that you sometimes don’t need. There is nothing like receiving a precious heirloom piece that you know your baby can love, cherish and keep for generations.   


OUR Values

Natural and organic, from start to finish

You might think buying organic should be easy. The reality is that it’s getting harder and harder to buy natural or organic products, be it food, clothes, or otherwise. For us, it was a no brainer. As parents of a newborn, we didn’t want any nasty chemicals or dyes anywhere near our little one, or yours! The cotton we use is all organic, and we only use natural dyes. Natural should be the rule, not the exception. That’s the standard we set for ourselves.

Made by hand, one at a time

A lot of love goes into every flower baby, cushion, and wall hanging. A lot of time, too! Everything is sewn, stitched, and crafted by hand to ensure a unique piece we hope you’ll cherish for years to come. In a time when too many products are mass produced and thrown away in no time at all, we wanted to take a more considered and mindful approach. Something you can pass down through the generations. Something worth keeping.

Reducing our footprint

Every year, around 20 million tonnes of waste ends up in landfill around Australia. That’s a staggering amount of household garbage, commercial rubbish, and construction waste. Reducing the amount of waste brought into the world is hugely important, and so it didn’t make sense for us to introduce even more. That’s why we use recycled materials wherever possible, repurposing something that would otherwise end up in landfill and giving it a second life instead.

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