Alca Jay endeavors to create lasting beauty through illustration, soft sculptures, jewellery and garments. Each piece is made by hand using specialty craft techniques, consciously paying attention to purpose and detail. We hope to create pieces worth keeping which inspire people to purchase only from a place of love



Re-use & reduce landfill

Fashion companies produce in countries where the prices are the lowest and where workers’ rights and environmental standards are the least protected. Fashion has never before been so cheap and so fast-paced. Today, rice and beans cost more than used apparel.We buy several times as much clothing as in the 1980’s, billions of new garments worldwide annually. This kind of consumption is bad for our planet and it doesn’t satisfy our real needs.

Alca Jays strives to re-use and reduce waste. Most of the pieces are made from recycled or vintage fabrics. We are constantly looking for ways to up-cycle and re-work items that would otherwise end up in landfill. Where new materials are used, they are meticulously sourced even down to the finest detail of packaging. Purchasing high quality, local, natural and organic materials where ever possible.  We are always looking for the best and cleanest solutions.



The learning process starts in the early years, children are susceptible to their parents behaviors. The fast-paced, ‘throw out’ mentality begins from a young age where children are born into a world full of stuff. Alca Jay endeavors to educate children and parents about the importance of taking care of our environment through creating picture books, handmade soft toys and illustrations with friendly characters called the Flower Babies.